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About my mirth...

K.C. the Clown - was born in 2001 when a local party company needed someone to dress as a clown and sing "Happy Birthday" to a student at Washington & Lee University.  I guess they knew I'd say yes.  Another career - launched.

Balloon Tying - In this small burg I actually knew three people who'd been clowns for circuses! One day someone called and asked if I could tie 20 pink poodle balloons for a little girl's birthday theme party.  I called some clown and in an hour he had me tying balloon animals.

 Ventriloquism - When I was about 12, there were a couple of ventriloquists who had shows on Saturday morning TV.  Becoming fascinated, I practiced and practiced.  At one point, I actually got mhy baby sister to sit on my hap and she'd open her mouth when I pulled her hair.  My parents, feeling sorry for her bought me a ventriloquist doll for Christmas that year!

K.C. the Clown

Dee-oh-Gee the ventriloquist puppet

Tina the real poodle dog

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Balloon tying

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